Screen Protectors

The “AEGIS” Professional LCD Screen Protector from Giotto’s is made of tempered optical glass from “Schott” Germany. The 12 AR Coatings on each side eliminate glare and light reflections on the LCD as well as aberrations, residual images and ghost images from the CCD. Giotto’s AEGIS completely protects the LCD from abrasions, scratches, impact, dust and moisture. The AEGIS is designed for digital cameras and camcorders with specific screens protectors for Nikon, Canon, Sony and Fuji DSLR’s. The top layer on each side repels dust and moisture to aid in keeping the Aegis clean! The Aegis adheres to the frame around the LCD and is not in direct contact with the LCD screen. The Aegis is easily removed by heating it with a hair dryer from about 12-14 inches away!

AEGIS Multi-Coated Screen Protectors for Digital SLR’s

Cat No.


SP 8201

49.5 X 47.5 mm For Nikon D50

SP 8203

47.4 x 37.9 mm For Fuji FinePix S3

SP 8204

47.17 x 66.15 mm For Canon EOS 1D, 1DS, 1D Mark II

SP 8253

57.1 X 47.4 mm For Canon EOS 5D

ALSO FITS REBEL XS Nikon D2X, D2Xs & Olympus E410/E510

SP 8254

55.5 X 46.7 mm For Canon EOS 30D

SP 8255

58.7 X 52.7 mm For Nikon D200

SP 8256

59.5 X 68.25 mm For Canon EOS 1D Mark II N

SP 8257

59.3 x 39.9 mm For Nikon D80


SP 8258

59.55 x 51 mm For Canon EOS Rebel XTi

SP 8259

55.5 X 43.7 mm For Sony A100

ALSO FITS Pentax K100/110D, Nikon Coolpix S550/S600. L12/P60, Canon Elph SD1000, A590is, A570

SP 82510

59.68 X 47.85 mm For Nikon D40/D40X


SP 8301L

67.8 x 54.54 mm For Canon EOS 40D

ALSO FITS 50D, CANON 5D Mark II, 1D/1Ds Mark III, S90 & Sony A900

SP 8302L

67.7 X 54.4 mm For Nikon D300

ALSO FITS Nikon D300s, D700, D90, D3000, D7000, Canon EOS 7D & Pentax K5

SP 8304

69.8 X 54.5 mm For Nikon D3

ALSO FITS Nikon D3x, D3s, Fuji X-S1

SP 8306

67.5 x 51 mm For Canon EOS Rebel XSi

ALSO FITS Canon T1i, Nikon L110, D4, D800, D3200, SONY A700, A550, A500 Fuji X100, Leica S2, Olympus EP1, Fuji X100S

SP 83015

71.3 x 50.5 mm For Canon EOS Rebel T2ii


SP 83017

78.8 x 45.4mm For Sony NEX 5

ALSO FITS Sony NEX 3, NEX 7, A35, A55 & Canon T5

SP 8320

72 x 49mm For Canon EOS 5D Mark III

ALSO FITS Canon 1DX, Pentax K3 & Fujifilm X-T1

SP 83022

69 x 49.2mm For NIkon V1

ALSO FITS J1, Leica M240

SP 8321

66.8 x 50.6 mm For Nikon D600 / D800 / D800e / D7100 & Leica X VARIO

SP 8322

67 x 51 mm For Nikon D4


AEGIS Multi-Coated Screen Protectors for Digital Compact and Point & Shoot Cameras

Cat No.


SP 8200

47 x 38.7 mm, 2.0” Screen Protector

FITS Canon 20D

SP 8250

53.9 x 41.7 mm, 2.5” Screen Protector

FITS Leica C-Lux 2, M8, M9

SP 8251

56.3 x 46.7 mm, 2.5” Screen Protector

FITS Olympus E3, Stylus 740, 1000,
FE 180, 200, 230, Pentax K10D, Optio M30, Nikon Coolpix P2, P50, P5100

SP 8252

56.6 x 45.0 mm, 2.5” Screen Protector

FITS Canon G7, Nikon L5, S10, Olympus 750, 760, SP510U2, Pentax A10, W20 & Samsung L77

SP 8270

60.8 x 48 mm, 2.7” Screen Protector

FITS Olympus E520, E30, EPL1, SP600UZ, Fuji X10, A350, Pentax K20D, K2000D, Leica X1, Canon T3 & Sony A200, DSCHX100V

SP 8300

65.95 x 49.3 mm, 3.0” Screen Protector

FITS Canon G9, G10,1D Mark VI, Nikon Coolpix S7c, S51, S50, P100, Nikon D3100, P7100, Olympus Stylus 730 & Fuji Finepix F650, V10,

X Pro 1, Sony A300, A350, Leica D-LUX 4

Anti-Glare LCD Screen Protectors with Cleaning Cloth

Cat No.


SP 2525

2.5” Standard Protectors (3 pieces per pack)

SP 2530

3.0” Standard Protectors (3 pieces per pack)

SP 2535

3.5” Standard Protectors (3 pieces per pack)

SP 2500

Seven pieces of 1.5” to 3.5” Standard Protectors