Giottos Panheads


This series features a specially designed fluid head to support the best camera equipment. Cast and machined from robust aluminum alloy with black powder coating. Two handles control the vertical tilt (forward/backward) and horizontal tilt (left/right) movements. The MH5012, MH 5002 & the VH6011-658D panheads have an ARCA compatible quick release adapter & QR plate.


Multi-angle design

The head has a 3-way design, with each movement having independent action. Its robust handles provide easy locking, and its special fluid pan movement allows full 360 degree rotation for the ultimate in flexibility.

ARCA compatible

Quick Release Plate

The sliding plate is locked by turning the side-mounted locking knob. You can move the plate forward or backward to adjust the center of gravity. A vertical bubble level is set in the side-locking knob, and a horizontal bubble level is positioned on the base of the quick release adapter.

Anti-twist pan lock

This series designed with an anti-twist pan lock beneath the pan head. Once the panhead is installed on the tripod, the three set screws, on the camera plate, secure the panhead firmly.

Space-saving storage

The two handles can be joined together for one hand operation and for space-saving storage.




Cat No.


NEW MH5012

(Replaces MH5011)

3-way w/double locking QR & 1/4" thread w/ 3/8" bushing, 3 levels, Wt. 1.3 lbs, Load Cap. 8.8 lbs.
Height 4.7", Base Ø 2.4"

Spare QR plate MH665Q

Size 8 x 7.5 x 5.25"


(Replaces MH5001)

3-way w/double locking QR & 1/4" thread w/ 3/8" bushing, 3 levels, Wt. 1.7 lbs, Load Cap. 13.2 lbs.
Height 5.3", Base Ø 2.4"

Spare QR plate MH667Q
Size 8 x 7.8 x 6.5"


3-way w/lever lock, 1/4" thread w/ 3/8" bushing, level, Wt. 1.7 lbs, Load 13 lbs., Height 4.7", Base Ø 2.4"
Size 8 x 7.9 x 6.1"



2-way w/MH648 QR, Spare plate MH648
Wt. 1.24 lbs., Base Ø 2.36”,Ht. 4.06”, 2 levels
Load Capacity 6.6 lbs. 1/4” thread w/ 3/8” bushing