Light Stands

The Giotto’s Stands feature air cushioned sections that provide maximum support and protection for flash equipment.  All sections are fully air cushioned and lock securely. The legs are locked with a unique encircling clamp lock that is large, easy to grip, and fast to use.

The metal lamp mount has a reversible 5/8” metal stud.  One end with a 3/8” screw, and the other with a 1/4/20” screw thread.  The lamp mount fits securely into a 5/8” metal socket for secure locking.

The Giotto’s Stand Series consists of:

7’ 4-section air cushioned stand - supports lights to 6.6 lbs.

8’ 3-section air cushioned stand - supports lights to 13.2 lbs.

10.7’ 4-section air cushioned stand - supports lights to 22 lbs.

In addition, Giotto’s offers a background support system consisting of two 10.7’ Giotto’s Air Cushioned Stands and three 1 meter cross bars that screw together and can be used individually or in combination to make supports of lengths up to 9.8’. To ensure a rigid cross bar that cannot sag, the Giotto’s bar fastens to the stands with a 5/8” brass stud that mounts directly to the socket in the stands.  The use of screw together bars (3/8” thread) with the brass studs ensures better and stronger support than the telescoping or twist fit bars common in other systems.  The background stands and bar sections are supplied in a heavy duty shoulder case.



Cat No.




10’ 6” 4-Section Air-Cushioned Light Stand Min. height 39.8”, weight 4 lbs., closed length 38”



8’ 3-Section Air-Cushioned Light Stand Min. height 39”, weight 3.8 lbs., closed length 35.8”



7’ 4-Section Air-Cushioned Light Stand Min. height 28.3” weight 3.1 lbs., closed length 26.8”



BACKGROUND SYSTEM 2-Light Stands (10’6”) & 3-sec. Bar (117”) with Lightstand Case (42”x 5.5”x 5”).



LIGHT STAND CASE Water resistant durable nylon case. Dimensions: 41”x 8.8”x 5.3”

Light Stand Accessories

Cat No.



BR-3 3-section background bar set with connectors


BR-1 3.3’ background bar with male and female threads


CB-5 Spare case for background stand set


3E55 Wing screw to attach stud for bar


3E54 Stud to mount background bar to stand (requires 3E55)


3E46 Replacement 5/8” reversible mounting stud for stands


2116 Replacement locking knob for stand sections 3E27 Replacement screw to fasten 080232 column to base