About HP Marketing Corp.

For over 43 years, HP Marketing Corp. has been one of the leading US distributors of high-tech/high-quality cameras and photographic equipment. HPM strives to provide professional and advanced amateur photographers with the most knowledgeable technical support and customer service in the industry. Specializing in the best and most innovative products for both analog and electronic imaging takes precedence.


On Jan. 15, 2015 OmegaBrandess aquired the US Distribution of Giottos products.


626 Hanover Pike, Suite 102
Hampstead, Maryland 21074

Telephone: (410) 374-3250
Fax: (410) 374-3184


OmegaBrandess is the photo trade distributor of the following brands: Alta Zonal Pro, APE Case, B.D.itigal, Berg Color Tone, Blue Crane Digital, Cloud Dome, Cokin, Datacolor, Delta, Dust-Aid, Flash Frame, FLM Ballheads, Focal Press, Forte, Gary Fong, GoldX, Hove Books, J. Wiley Publishing, JOBO, Krusell, LensPen, Little, Brown and Company, Norazza, Novatron, Omega, Omega/LPL, Omega MediaCut, Peachpit, Pearson Education, Phoenix, Polaris, Sharpics, Tetenal, Transcend, Tundra, Wein and more. In addition, OmegaBrandess is also the manufacturer of Omega enlargers, Novatron lighting systems, Berg Color Toners and Flash Frame camera brackets.


Key Personnel
Cindy Wesolowski, President
Dana Zacharias, Controller
Jeff Seidel, Director Of Sales and Service
Kim Hargett, Operations Manager