About HP Marketing Corp.

For over 43 years, HP Marketing Corp. has been one of the leading US distributors of high-tech/high-quality cameras and photographic equipment. HPM strives to provide professional and advanced amateur photographers with the most knowledgeable technical support and customer service in the industry. Specializing in the best and most innovative products for both analog and electronic imaging takes precedence.

The company was founded by Herbert H. Peerscke in 1971 and distributed photographic products that were primarily from Germany. In 1983 the company was sold to and is still owned by the Gepe Group of Companies headquartered in Switzerland.

Presently HP Marketing Corp., located in Pine Brook NJ, represents the highest quality and most versatile products from both Europe and the Far East. HPM offers a wide range of products for the professional and the consumer to accommodate all photographic needs. The staff of HP Marketing Corp. is comprised of experienced professionals that are dedicated to providing knowledgeable and unsurpassed customer service.

Please note that HP Marketing Corp. represents 17 manufacturers with diverse product lines. Not every Authorized HPM Dealer stocks every product so if you are looking for a specific product they can order anything you may need. In order to meet our customer’s needs HPM is a stocking distributor with an 18,000 plus square foot warehouse.

Our commitment is to provide the most pleasant customer experience and to enhance your photographic ventures!